Santa Claus Is Coming To Robert M. Sides
Robert M. Sides Rental Programs

• Apply 100% Of Your Rental Towards A New Instrument
• All Instruments Include Worry-Free Maintenance
• Interest Free
• Automatic Payments
Free Lessons with Instrument Purchase
At Robert M. Sides we’re about more than just selling you a new instrument. That’s why we include 4 free group lessons with the purchase of any piano, keyboard, guitar, bass or drumset. Getting you or the new musician in your life off to a great start is our promise to you this holiday. *With your purchase of select items. See dealer for details.

Printed Music Books
November 14th-December 15th.
Use them yourself or regift them to friends & family. Cards valid January 1-31, 2014. See card for details.
First Chair Performance Instruments
Why Step Up?
As a student musician progresses, their instrument will need to grow with them. The overall playability, features and design on our First Chair Instruments will enable your child to advance in their musical career.